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Why would somebody start a blog? Isn’t that some kind of a personal journal where you write about your day?

It used to be, but those times are long gone. A blog is a perfect tool for tons of traffic, for making money etc.

People usually don’t realize the full potential of blogging for money… if any at all.

They don’t acknowledge the fact that blogging is by far one of the best ways to have an online business. You can make hundreds, thousands, millions…

“Why should I start blogging?”

Well… Let me think…

I started my blogging career to make some extra cash but soon enough realized that I can go further… Way further!

My dream has always been to live a life to its fullest – Have a decent income, be debt-free, feel free in any sense possible, have fun even when I’m “working” (noticed how I put “” around the word “working”? That’s how I feel about doing something I like and getting money for it), travel the world, buy stuff I’ve always wanted, have a family without financial problems…

Some people start blogging as a hobby and earn some extra cash on the side.

Others are passionate about writing…

Honestly, there are so many reasons people start blogging… There is no “the best” answer to that question.

With that being said, there are so many of those reasons that you should probably start it right away. Follow the link in case you’ve already decided that you want to do just that!

If you haven’t decided yet, let me list a few reasons why you should start a blog.

There are some reasons for those who don’t even intend to make money, at least in the beginning, like:

Are you sure you know the real reason you want to start a blog? Money, Fun, Fame? The real reason everyone should want to start blogging is a little different, satisfying and way more simple!

To Have Fun

There were times when blogging was just for fun. The same thing is possible today as well, some people just blog to share their thoughts, ideas, stories.

Some of them do it without any intention to monetize, at all…

But, keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to earn money without even being commercial about blogging like ads etc.


To Communicate With People Sharing The Same Interests

Got a story to tell? Others want to listen. Got an opinion? Others want to read it.

Want to communicate with people who like the same stuff which you are talking about?

Others want it too. A blog is a great platform to do that.


Grow A Brand

A blog can draw so much attention and easily attract traffic.

Well-established brands like Coca-Cola and others, people trying to turn themselves into the influencers, sports teams etc.

All of them are using the blogging platform.


On the other hand, as I’ve already mentioned, blogging is amazing for those who want to make money with it!


Side Hustle

Some people just loooove their “real-life” job.

That’s terrific.

But there is always room for some side hustle, isn’t there?

Blogging is definitely a great platform for some side hustle.


Extra Money

A lot of people start blogging to earn some extra cash each and every month.

Students do that, adults do that, successful people do that. Everybody wants some extra cash and blogging makes it so easy.

Even people blogging for fun can easily make some extra cash with ads and affiliate marketing. Why not?

Especially when it can be done without any extra effort and can actually represent the value for their readers.


Build An Online Career/Start A Business

Blogging for money has become an enormous market.

People around the world are quitting their boring, pointless, time-consuming jobs and switching to online careers and start changing their lives.

They acknowledge that their time is too precious to waste it, especially when there is a legit chance to take full control of it.

Trust me, I’m living proof of that fact. My life has changed big time ever since I discovered the world of blogging for money.

The mix of my life with my work has never felt so easy, yet rewarding.

Not just that but, I’m as happy about my life and career as I could’ve ever imagined.

My blogging career can take full credit for that!


Okay… that’s the basic view of the reasons why people start blogging, but I like to think about those reasons otherwise. All of them can be put together in one simple word:

Freedom – Blogging platform offers people a lot of free choices! A choice to earn money the way you want it without selling your soul, a choice for the proper mix of the life-work balance, a choice for the time-management, a choice for developing the comfort-zone and so on…

There are so many choices to be made and you can make them on your own without sacrificing literally ANYTHING!

As I said – There are so many reasons why you should start a blog.

And practically none for not starting it!

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What do you think about these reasons? Are they enough to start blogging? Got ideas? Let me know in the comment section below!